Photographic Evidence Of My Michigan Love

Posted November 23, 2013

I finally made it back to Michigan! But what to do with this silly blog? I’m ashamed that in my entire time in New York, I BASICALLY didn’t post…Time went by too fast! I suppose I’ll just keep making random posts…and my feelings won’t be hurt for anyone who wants to unsubscribe! (Seriously, I don’t think I would subscribe to this blog if I wasn’t writing it!)

So like a said, I’m back in Michigan. For good. …And oh my goodness it feels great! Below are a few photos I’ve taken since being back that showcase why I love this place so much.

1. Marvelous Mushrooms ~ Found in Northport, Mi beautiful pattern fungus mushroom

2. Hidden Stripes ~ Found in Northport, Mi

hidden gardener snake

3. Someone has a latte skills! ~ Oryana in Traverse City, Mi

latte art in traverse city


4. Summer Time Sunrise ~ Seen in Northport, Mi

northern michigan sunset

Welcome To The Tiny House Movement

Posted February 21, 2013

I’ve been really into the ‘Tiny House Movement’ lately. Moss roofs, lofts, open floor plans, and windows, windows, windows! I’m not sure if it’s because I currently live in such a small apartment, or if I’ve just been struck with the green bug. Or possibly because I want to move back to Michigan so bad and I know that a tiny house is all I can afford right now!

Either way, here’s some tiny house eye candy. Enjoy!


Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted February 14, 2013

we go together like vince and jules Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. As a happily married woman, with a self-declared ‘best hubby ever’, you’d think I might wake up to a shower of gifts. Or maybe just one gift, but a really nice one. Or hell, at least some flowers, right?


Am a disturbed by this? Also no.

In fact, I applaud my husband’s ability to stand strong while other men scramble for chocolates and generic-looking heart necklaces or bracelets. (You know, the ones with names like “eternal love band” or “hearts for infinity pendant”).

My intent isn’t to TOTALLY demean these gifts or their givers – but more to call attention to how silly they are. Why must love be measured by mass-produced heart necklaces or overpriced red roses? Or worse, stuffed bears that no one actually keeps. Where do those even come from anyway?? I cringe to think.

I suppose what I mean to say is: Why spend any money at all on Valentine’s Day? I’ll take a simple “I love you more everyday,” any day.


Below is a text convo I had with my husband this morning when I told him about all the flowers and chocolates floating around the office. …So much class…


Fage Greek Yogurt Tastes Like Sour Cream – And I LOVE IT!

Posted December 5, 2012

A few months ago, I’d only heard about Greek yogurt, but I didn’t know much else about it. Now I work on a major yogurt brand who happens to have a Greek variety, so it’s been drilled into my head, “Greek is more filling! Greek has tons of protein! Greek is thick and creamy! Greek is good for you!” And after trying several brands of Greek Yogurt, this is my conciseness:

Fage Greek yogurt (non-flavored) is the thickest, creamiest, least tart, and most filling of all the brands I’ve tried. Not to mention, it’s super pure in terms of ingredients. And a side note: Notice how the packaging kinda sucks? Probably cause they spend all their advertising money on making a kickass recipe!

Aside from all the classic reasons to love it, (listed above), here are a few more reasons to love Fage Greek yogurt:

1. It makes my nails SUPER strong. I’m talking AMAZING nails people! They’re strong, white, and they grow like crazy. I’ve always had brittle nails, so this is a dream come true.

2. It tastes almost like sour cream… which I LOVE. I’m the type of girl who would just eat out of the sour cream container rather than making another taco, because all I really wanted was the sour cream. So if you like sour cream too, try this yogurt!

3. If you add fruit or granola, it does wonders for a sweet tooth.


…oh and one last thing. This is not a paid blog post/advertisement for Fage. I really just love this yogurt and feel like sharing.


Oh Lovely

Posted October 19, 2012

1. Loop A19 Incandescent Bulb –  2. Besom Holder –  3. Plush Fox Pillow – 4. Industrial Adjustable-Height Table – 5. Recycled Accent Table –